Nemesis Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2017 with the goal of providing more convenient diagnostics solution to more people as a company that provides a semiconductor-based bio-diagnostics platform.

The life expectancy is rapidly increasing, but the healthy lifespan is rather short. As a result, medical care is also shifting from treatment to prevention, so preemptive diagnosis of disease is more important than ever.

Nemesis has good technical background for biosensor, bio-signal processing, and wireless communication to provide a small, low power, and accurate diagnostic platform for everyone to use conveniently.

The Bio-diagnostics platforms based on SoC technology is in high demand and have high added value, making the market a very large business area. In particular, the combination of bio-technology and big data processing technology with system semiconductor technology is expected to be inexhaustible.

Nemesis' semiconductor-based bio-diagnostics platform will expand its application fields with biomarker diagnosis in various areas such as heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, and virus diagnosis.

Thank you.

CEO,Sungho Wang