CEO greeting

Nemesis has advanced SoC design technology and analog design technology for bio-signal processing.

Nemesis Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2017 with the goal of providing Intelligent Bio signal processing solution to Bio/Medical devices vendors and service providers.

The life expectancy is rapidly increasing, but the healthy lifespan is rather short. As a result, medical care is also shifting from treatment to prevention, so preemptive diagnosis of disease is more important than ever.

Low Power

Nemesis has technologies such as biosensors, bio-signal processing, and wireless communication, providing a compact, low-power, and accurate semiconductor solutions that everyone can use conveniently.

The Intelligent Bio signal processing solution based on SoC technology is in high demand and have high added value, making the market a very large business area. In particular, the combination/(integration) of bio-technology and machine learning technology with system semiconductor technology expected to create big opportunities.

Nemesis' semiconductor-based intelligent bio signal processing solution can expand its application to biomarker diagnosis in various areas such as heart rate, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, and virus diagnosis. Through this, Nemesis will do our best to contribute to improving the quality of partners' products and services.