Nemesis has technologies specialized in the development of intelligent bio-signal processing semiconductor based on its advanced technology and long experience

Intelligent bio-signal processing SoC design technology

In order to realize the U-healthcare service that allows you to check your biometric information anytime, anywhere, portable, multifunctional, and medical devices for measuring biometric signals are being developed. In addition, the need to develop a single-chip bio-signal processing SoC (System On-a-Chip) based on CMOS semiconductors is increasing for miniaturization of bio-signal measuring devices.

Nemesis' intelligent bio-signal processing technology greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio to facilitate bio-signal processing and enables high added value by improving the competitiveness of products in the medical and health fields with low price, low power, and miniaturization. We have our own technology and related patents.


TinyML is a machine learning technology that supports efficient use of a large amount of data transmitted from sensors with low power and optimizes and maximizes utilization of data.

Nemesis' unique technology goes beyond simple filtering and implements analog circuit optimization with machine learning techniques to provide high-fidelity signals to customers.