SoC design technology for bio-based products

In order to realize the U-healthcare service that allows you to check your biometric information anytime, anywhere, portable, multifunctional, and medical devices for measuring biometric signals are being developed. In addition, the need to develop a single-chip bio-signal processing SoC (System On-a-Chip) based on CMOS semiconductors is increasing for miniaturization of bio-signal measuring devices. Analog and digital circuit design technologies for processing and converting bio-signals generated from the human body into data are important, and Nemesis has its own technologies and patents.

Bio Sensor design technology

Biosensors are sensors that detect very small amounts of blood components, as well as various signals from organs such as the heart, quickly, accurately and easily. In particular, these biosensors are expected to contribute greatly to improving the quality of human life in combination with digital convergence technology. Combined with a device that converts electrochemical changes, thermal energy conversion, fluorescence or color changes, etc., which appear in the reaction between enzymes, antigens, antibodies, biochemicals, hormone demanders, and substances to be analyzed, into recognizable signals is configured.

Bio-diagnostics platform

The information obtained from biological substances such as proteins, DNA, metabolites, etc. related to diseases in the human body and intradermal interstitial fluid, which is a liquid surrounding skin cells, is converted to the data by SoC (System on Chip). It is converted into useful personal medical information data and it goes to a phone app or cloud computing for medical information management. Such biometric information may used in a personal health record (PHR) platform that supports systematic management of medical information.